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Fractal Audio FM3

28 Apr 2021

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FM3 800FM3 800 rearSo I got one and tested it, its a great little device if your not a power user. You can accomplish a lot of good things it has all the effects you will want some effects are more CPU heavy than others. Al in all it will serve most live users, power users will choose the rack Axe Fx mark 2. The FM3 has all the banks and access to fractal bot to check for updates.

The Interface works mint out of the box not even a thought as per usual perfect IO, The Form factor and Quality of the Build is excellent as expected. I dont know how those guys come up with this brillance .. but sure glad they do what they do .. and to the professional standard that they keep above the crowd.

The Sound Quality is mint as well, you will have to adjust your patches to fit a little but remember 1 Cab Block Represents 2 cabs..just select one and see, there are two sets of cabs down below. yes you can only use one amp, but its good stuff I was able to get a killer sound , and had fun tweaking things to get an amazingly realistic tone. 

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